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The Combat Diver Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to preserving the history of the elite Combat Diver community. Our ultimate goal is the construction of the Combat Diver Museum that will serve as a home for the artifacts of our brotherhood. See our plan here.

Our Reason for Being


Combat Divers are an elite within an elite yet few know our proud heritage; some of which is under threat from the ravages of time. For one example of why we do what we do read this poignant story about a Combat Diver hero that did not come home.

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We need your help. If you're in a position to donate time or money please do! Even if now is not the right time for a donation, just attend one of our events and spread the word. Every little bit helps. Click here to see our event schedule.

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to build the Combat Diver Museum and preserve our history.

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Combat Diver Foundation

Saint Petersburg, Florida