The Raffle

Though the 2019 Deep Dive is a fundraiser, we do not want to send you home empty handed. Our fantastic sponsors have donated some really amazing prizes for you to claim at the event. (See highlights below)

Buy your discounted raffle tickets here and we'll hand them to you at the door.

$5 if you buy here, $10 at the door

*Must be present to participate*

Raffle Prizes

Family Day at the Amusement Park


Day pass for a family of four to the OWA Amusement Park.

Kayak Rental for Two


Explore the mangroves with a friend at the Down Under Dive Shop.

CDF Merchandise


Get your hands on some awesome CDF logo hats and shirts. Don't worry if you don't win, you can pick some up at the CDF Store.

Tribe Throw Blanket


Get a Combat Diver-themed "woobie" from Woobie USA with amazing decoration by pop artist Bawidamann.

Dinner at the Marina


Dinner for two at the famous Flora-Bama Marina

Flora-Bama Liquor Basket


Take home a basket of liquid fun from the Flora-Bama for your next barbecue.

Free Raffle Ticket

Get a free raffle ticket when you RSVP for the Deep Dive