...For those really special items whose value we can't put a price on....we will have an auction...

Bidding is live online!

(See Terms & Conditions below)


The Cigars

This rare box of 828 Silverbacks is a world class, limited edition Mexican Wrapper offering from Special Forces veteran-owned, Tarazona Cigars. Hand rolled from specially selected stocks in Nicaragua, these works of art capture the essence of adventure in an old-Cuban style cigar.


The Flag

This handmade work of art will be crafted specially for you by the Heritage Flag Company from aged whisky and bourbon barrels. During the aging process, the barrels take on a life of their own, making this flag truly one-of-a-kind. Yours will feature the Combat Diver Foundation logo...A unique tribute to our heroes and a great memento of how you gave back.


The Resort

Get two romantic nights at the fantastic Perdido Beach Resort in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama. The relaxation you'll feel sipping a cocktail by the oceanside pool will be second only to watching the sun set over the white sands of the Gulf.


The Dive Trip

Enter the water with Gulf Shores' premier dive tour operators: Down Under Dive Shop. They offer a dive trip for two. Should you dive on the historic USS Oriskany? Or Jimmy Buffet's boat, the SS Lulu? 


The Whiskey

If you like whiskey, and like supporting SF-owned businesses, put up a bid for a bottle of Snake Eater Bourbon or a bottle of Rally Point Rye from Leatherwood Distillery. Whatever your taste, these are very unique and should be a part of everyone's collection.

*Winner gets first pick, runner-up gets the other bottle so make sure you win!

Auction Terms & Conditions

The Deep Dive 2019 charity auction will run continuously online until 11:59 PM on 20 September, (the night before the Deep Dive 2019). At that time, online bidding will be halted and live bidding will continue at that price point until a winner is declared at the event.

Online bidders will be identified by name and email address. Multiple bids from a single individual for the same item will be considered cumulative.

The winning bid is non-refundable. All other bidders will be offered a refund in full without fees, taxes, or exceptions within 48 hours of the end of the auction or they can elect to convert their bid into a standard donation to the Combat Diver Foundation.

If auction winners are not physically present at the event, they will be notified by email. At that time, the Combat Diver Foundation will coordinate to deliver their prizes. If no response is received from auction winners within one week of the end of the auction (approximately 28 September), the Combat Diver Foundation will terminate the event and determine how to best use the unclaimed prizes.